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Employment Law: Notice To Employees

This personnel policy is not a contract between the company and its employees. The benefits and policies set forth herein may be modified at any time by the management and board of directors without notice to the employees. All employees, except those under contract with the company, the terms of which are in the form of a writing and executed by the employee and an authorized representative of the company, are considered to be employees at will.

Nothing contained herein is intended to be part of the employment relationship and the following are sample, general statements and guidelines of the company policies. Policy statements as written may not amount to promises of specific treatment and are merely general statements of company policy, and thus, not binding. The management and board of directors of the company specifically reserve the right to modify, at any time, without notice, and in their sole discretion, the polices contained herein.

However, despite the statements set forth above, the written provisions of the company's health, dental, group life insurance, retirement and employee purchases plans, if any, contained in these and supplemental written materials and maintained for the exclusive benefit of the company's employees provide legally enforceable rights to the employee. These plans have been established with the intention that they be maintained for an indefinite period of time but are subject to change because of material changes in economic conditions or other reasonable cause.

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